By Richard Atkins

A Staged Reading

November 19, 2013 – 7:30 PM

The year, 1972. The place, New York City. The Bronx is burning, Vietnam drags on, Watergate is coming to light and the Munich, Olympic massacre has just transpired. David and Yossi Shapiro, owners of a landmark delicatessen in midtown Manhattan have fallen on hard financial times. Reinhardt’s, a soon to open, German delicatessen is well under construction across the street. The Shapiro brothers’ livelihood is immediately threatened by the impending competition, exacerbated by the new restaurateur, who is of German descent. Being orphans of the holocaust, the older Shapiro brother enlists the services of a Nazi hunter to investigate the German family’s past as a possible means to discredit them. With the horrors of the Holocaust a daily reality and Shapiro’s failing delicatessen fading fast, the stage is ripe for conflict.

Richard Atkins has been combining writing, music, composing and acting for the past 40 years of his life, having penned 27 plays, 7 musicals, a screenplay in the pipeline and much more. Atkins can write comedy or serious fare with the same flair as a Neil Simon or David Mamet. Atkins’ trademark is taking a serious situation and finding humor in it. Or looking at a topic like the Holocaust and creating a unique piece of storytelling that is highly unique, fresh and original.

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