Einstein’s Gift

Einstein's Gift
By Vern Thiessen

August 4 – 28, 2016

Based on a true story, German scientist Fritz Haber is renouncing his faith, fearing persecution from an increasingly oppressive and militaristic government. In this award winning play, Haber’s friend, Albert Einstein, fears Haber’s work has taken a dangerous turn. While Einstein sees science as a discipline which transcends national boundaries as a force for good, Haber’s work has become a deadly tool of the state. Einstein makes a desperate and emotional appeal that will resonate for generations and define the course of history. With daunting forces arrayed against him, Einstein is prepared to risk everything; his life, his work and his reputation against a building storm threatening to engulf the world in war. Einstein’s Gift begs the question, if you could return to a time and change everything, what would it be?

Einstein’s Gift is a play about the responsibilities of scientists and the perils of nationalistic pride, the tension between loyalty to one’s cultural identity and personal ambition. The play has been called “thought-provoking,” and “a stimulating meditation on the relationships between applied and pure science, faith and nationalism, imagination and knowledge.” The play was the winner of the 1999 Canadian Jewish Playwriting Competition and the 2003 Alberta Book Award.

Appearing in the play are Chris Saunders as Haber and Guy Wicke as Einstein with Glenn Garrabrant, Nicholas Hodge, Darryn Glass, James McGuire, Vered Hankin and Becky Lang. Elayne LeTraunik directs with Patrick Murphy as Stage Manager. Fight Direction by Brian LeTraunik.