The Radiant

By Shirley Lauro

May 18 to June 11, 2017

Winner! TCG Edgerton Award: “One of 40 new American plays to watch.”

Winner! The Sloan Science Foundation’s Awards for Commission and Production Enhancement

Set one hundred years ago in Paris, The Radiant centers on the true, tempestuous, and love-torn life of Madame Marie Curie. Widowed at thirty-nine, with two young children to raise and support, she becomes involved in a scandalous affair with her young married assistant, an affair which rocks Paris and nearly costs her her career – and her life. But, she survives this and the great bias against women scientists throughout Europe then and goes on to discover and isolate radium, earn two Nobel Prizes, and revolutionize the world of science forever, ushering in “The Atomic Age” and the first cure for cancer.

Playwright Shirley Lauro was born in Des Moines, Iowa on November 18, 1933. She attended Northwestern University, the University of Wisconsin, and Columbia University. She is currently a Director of the Dramatists Guild Fund at Dramatists Guild of America. Lauro’s most popular work was A Piece of My Heart. Her other full-length plays are All Through the Night, Clarence Darrow’s Last Trial, AKA, Open Admissions, The Contest, Out of Time, Pearls on the Moon, Margaret and Kit, and Speckled Birds. Shirley Lauro enjoys writing about people and characters who are thrown into life’s overwhelming social and political situations.

Sensitively and dramatically directed by Kaitlin Taylor.