The Boys of Winter

Genesis Theatrical Productions, a new company dedicated to the discovery and showcasing of new works, hosted a staged reading of a new play The Boys of Winter on March 29, 2007.

Written by Barry Brodsky, Dean Kaner and Eric Small, the work is a memory play about a Vietnam veteran who reflects on his youth in the Midwest of the 1960’s while reconciling his demons in the present.

“While the play never mentions the current situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, the parallels are obvious,” says author Dean Kaner. Adds fellow playwright Eric Small, “We don’t belabor the issue but the audience is given a lot to think about and hopefully to talk about.”

Barry Brodsky is an accomplished playwright, author and screenwriter and currently teaches screenwriting classes at University of Massachusetts – Boston and Emerson College. Dean Kaner has co-written and co-produced a number of plays including The Night of Broken Glass with Alice Josephs and Hardball. Eric Small studied film at UCLA and has worked as director and screenwriter. Most recently he was the co-creator of the Emmy nominated and WGA award winning Showtime original series Penn & Teller: Bulls-t!

The Boys of Winter was co-directed by Genesis Artistic Director Gerald H. Bailey and Producer Elayne LeTraunik.


Gerald H. Bailey, Boyd Harris, Arlene Kahn, Brian LeTraunik, Chris Ordenez, and Meghann Tabor.

Production Update

After some further development by Genesis, the authors revised their play and had it presented by Jimmy Tingle’s Off Broadway Theatre in Somerville, Massachusetts. The play was also a finalist in The Last Play Standing 2, which was a competition presented by Another Chicago Theatre Company. The Boston Playwright’s Theatre mounted a full production in Boston, Massachusetts to rave reviews. This production was nominated in the Best New Play category for small theatres by The Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE). All of these productions included an anti-war protest folk song composed by Mr. Bailey. The authors are now writing a screenplay adaptation of this thought-provoking show.